Read This If You Are Truly Serious About Losing Weight...

I Have Lost Almost 600 Pounds And Now I Devote My Life To Help Others Get Skinny!

Dear Friend,
If you have a weight problem, I want you to take a good look at the pictures on this page.

Ok, did you do it? 
Did you take a look at those amazing pictures?
What they show is a man (me) whose life was once a nightmare.

Maybe you saw my story on CBS Live or GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

Or maybe you read about me in Detroit Free Press, The Oakland Daily Tribune or even National Enquirer.

Believe me, if you want to lose weight I can tell you exactly how to do it.
  • Without hunger !
  • Without low energy !
  • Without giving up good food!
And, best of all, I can show you how to do it fast (very fast) without spending hardly any money.

Listen : my name is Larry Coker and, not long ago, my weight was 750 pounds!

I felt like a freak and i wanted to die. Three times my bed broke because I was so fat. I was only 28 but it seemed to me my life was over.

Everyday I wore the same clothes. I had only one shirt (an extra-large red T-shirt that looked like a tent) and one huge pair of sweat pants with...

A Size 74 Inch Waist!

I could only sleep on my back because if I slept on my side, my enormous weight would cut off circulation to my arm leaving it white and painful.

Each morning my family had to help me out of bed by pulling and yanking for five minutes.

Then my younger brother put my socks and shoes on for me. I couldn't bend over that far. I couldn't climb stairs, could hardly fit behind the steering wheel of my car and had no girlfriend.

What girl would look twice at a grotesque slob like me? I was too ashamed of myself to even have my picture taken for the new job application. And...

After I Graduated From High School, Things Went From Bad to Worse!

Now I had no school attend. I had no job and no future. I slept until noon every day just so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain of living as a freak.

I was 5 feet 7 and weighed an estimated 750 pounds.The last time I found a scale that could weigh me (a truck scale) I weighed 634 pounds and...

I Had Gained At Least 100 Pounds Since!

My life was a mess. 

I tried a dozen diets but couldn't stick to them. The more depressed I became about my weight, the more I ate and the fatter i got.

That made me more depressed and i ate more. I was absolutely miserable. "You may as well just die", I told myself. "Face the facts, fatso -you are a loser!"

God, I Wanted To Change!

Listen : I knew there was a normal-size guy in me struggling miserably to get out of my monstrous body. But I just couldn't find the strength to break out of my life-long eating rut.

I was ingesting up to 6,000 calories a day. I'd have four bowls of cereal and 8 to 10 pieces of toast with peanut butter for breakfast. Lunch would be 4 sandwiches and for dinner, I'd have 4 helpings of spaghetti or whatever else my family was having.

I also snacked from noon until bedtime. I'd eat four quarter-pound burgers and bags of chips, gallons of soda, six or seven donuts and half a pie at one sitting! My doctor warned me that at the rate I was going, I'd be dead by age 35 because my heart would not hold up.

But I kept on eating. In December, 2018 I resolved to quit stuffing myself on New Year's Day and... I broke the resolution that same day.

"Oh GOD, help me!" I prayed "Help me climb out of this fat body and be a real person!" And, on the night of January 4, after crying myself to sleep, I woke up at 2:00 a.m and it was like something had snapped. I thought about all the diets I'd been on before and what was good and bad about them.

Then I counted up the good points of each diet and used to make my own. Except I added a "certain something." What i added was the "missing ingredient" that all fat people are looking for. I do not take credit for discovering this. It is just something that came to me that night, something so powerful that...

It Woke Me Right Out Of My Sleep!

I have personal name for this weight-loss miracle! I call it "My Way Method." It works like crazy. Weight watchers offered me a big salary, a car and a new wardrobe if I would be a spokesman for them.

But I won't. They may have a good program, but I believe my program is much better. And that's why I'm letting myself tell people how to lose weight exactly the same way I did.

You know, to tell the truth, I believe my program is better than any other weight - loss system ever devised.

Consider this :
  • I lost 575 pounds in 15 months! 
  • I lost 37 inches from my waist!
  • I lost 28 inches from my hips!
  • I lost 22 inches from my thighs!
  • I even lost 9 inches from my neck ! 
Everybody - and i mean everybody - wants to know my secret.
Well, I can't blame them.
And now, with your permission, I'm going to reveal it to you! What I want to do is send you a very special report called "My Way Method : The Amazing Weight - Loss Secret Of a Man Who Lost 575 Pounds In Just 15 months!" 

This special report tells it all. It is easy-to-read and easy-to understand and...

You Don't Have To Pay A Fortune To Get It!

Look, I don't mean to brag, but darn it, I'm pretty proud of myself.
The doctors couldn't help me. All those diet "experts" couldn't help me.

Even my family couldn't help me(but God bless them for trying.) 
I didn't get help from Weight Watchers, NutriSystem or anybody else.

No, I did it all on my own and I learned how to do it fast and cheap.
Let's talk about money.I heard on the news the other day that average person who loses 50 pounds with Weight Watchers pays about $2,000,00 to do it. NutriSystem requries that you pay a big initial fee and then buy all your food for them.

Optifast, Medifast and other deals like that cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
All you need is the secret in my report which you can get almost for nothing compared to all other stuff.And hear this : none of those other people or companies will do what I will do which is ...

I Will Pay You DOUBLE Your Money Back If "My Way Method" Does Not Work For You!

Okay, I know what you're thinking. You're probably wondering how I can make such an offer. Well let me tell you something, I may be young but I am not a fool.
Maybe I'm not a doctor and maybe I don't have a college degree, but let me ask you this...

How Many Doctors and How Many Of Those Big-Time Diet "Experts" Have Ever Lost Almost 600 Pounds Like I Did?

Listen: "My way" works! In fact, if it doesn't work ( it will ) you better see a doctor and get your thyroid checked. But don't kid yourself.

I'm not your thyroid. No, your only problem is you are not using "My Way Method". If you do use it , you'll get skinny that's it. Period.

Now let's suppose you order "My Way Method" and, after reading my report, you decide you don't even want to try my secret.
Well, in that case, you are very silly person, but even so, all you have to do is delete it and I will send back 100% of what you paid.

And what happens if you do follow my plan and you don't lose all your excess weight? Personally, I think It's almost impossible but, if it should happen, I want you to get checked out by M.D and if he says there's nothing wrong with you...

I'll Give You DOUBLE Your Money Back!

Look, I'm trying to "sell" you as hard as I can on giving "My Way Method" a chance to help you.

Because, believe me, I know how you are feeling if you are overweight.
I know the embarrassment, the problem with clothes, the depression and everything else. But I'm telling you... your problem is probably a very easy one compared to mine. 

I don't mean to scoff at your weight problem but remember...

I Couldn't Even Get Out Of Bed And My Doctor Said I Was Going To Die !

Please, let me help you...My secret system is very cheap and it is the final cure for your problem. Look at those pictures of me again... I've lost 575 pounds and I'm looking forward to a whole new life.

You can do it too and it's easy to order. Just use the order form at the bottom of this page.


Larry Coker 

P.S. If you are serious about losing weight, you should order my report today! 

750 Lbs.- I Wanted To Die ...

175 Lbs.-I've Changed My Life

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"250 Pounds Down, Nothing Is Impossible"

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No-Risk Order Coupon

Dear Larry,

YES! I want to lose weight as fast as humanly possible.Therefore, I want to try the rather amazing secret weight loss system called "My Way Method" which you used to lose 575 pounds in just 15 months.

Please send me your special written report immediately by email. I understand that, when I follow your instructions...
  • I will never be hungry
  • I will never need to count calories!
  • I will never be depressed again because I can't lose weight!
  • ​I will never have to spend more money to lose weight! 
  • ​I will never be on low energy!
  • ​I will never feel empty!
  • ​I will never have to worry about cheating!
Not only that, I also understand I am protected by the amazing double your money back guarantee as described above. So, on that basis, I am enclosing my payment in the amount of $37,95 as a payment in full for all your material.

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